Denver was not the first place I went for treatment, but it was the first place so far away from home. Within two weeks of being there I had a seizure from stress because I couldn’t cope with my homesickness. The main problem was that I never thought they were going to let me leave. Every night I would cry and cry. I have trouble thinking about Denver just because of how I acted. I think I cried every single day, and it was most of the day. My roommate was the greatest person I ever met. I’ve never felt so much compassion from someone. She is truly the biggest angel on the planet. she put up with me, and not only that, she helped me in ways a friend has never helped me. However, it is still hard to think about because she did not deserve for me to be crying all the time. I didn’t think anyone cared so I didn’t think it would bother anyone if I was sad, so I cried and cried. However, I later learned I was spreading so much negative energy around that it pains to think of the word “colorado.” I am so sorry to everyone for how I acted. If I could change it I most certainly would. I just want to thank you all though for being extremely wonderful people.


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