Education and Connection

I want to bring up the topic of education. When I first went to treatment, I didn’t tell any of my therapists there of any of my thoughts except that I wanted to lose weight. I didn’t tell them that I have hundreds of thoughts that cause me to restrict and sometimes purge (but I haven’t done that in a super long time), because I thought people with eating disorders only had one thought, and that was that they thought they were fat. It wasn’t always just a body image thing with me, but health class taught me that anorexia was only a body image thing. Finally I met a very, very nice lady who I grew very close to. I think it was her first day that we sat next to each other and talked for about an hour while we were supposed to be playing a board game and I finally shared my thoughts with her as she shared me hers. My jaw dropped very often knowing I related to her and she related to me. This is what got me to get more help. Even though I was diagnosed, I needed to share my actual thoughts, and finally I was able to.


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