The competitiveness with illnesses

i love this 🙂 i’m not sure i know exactly how to share other blog articles but hopefully this is the right way. i didn’t know the difference between press this and reblog 😦


This may be more of a rant than anything else but I believe it needs to be said. Throughout the past few years I have encountered various people both online and in real life who have been dealing with mental illnesses. A thing I have noticed by following these people is how much of a competition there seems to be between people to be ‘the most sick’ out of everyone. This may sound very weird and perhaps confusing to you; why would someone feel the need to be sicker than someone else? I have been debating the answer to this question a lot as well.

I think this ‘competition’ is quite evident especially on sites like Instagram or Tumblr where people tally their hospital admissions or tell everyone their lowest BMI, for example. The only possible reason for this, in my opinion, is to prove to others that they are sick…

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