Thank you notes for random acts of kindness part 1

Random acts of kindness go a very long way. Thank you to the nurse in inpatient for seeing that my therapist taped some sayings to my wall and asking if you could as well. The next day this nurse taped two sweet things she made for me to my wall. she wrote some sayings on some paper and I still have them. Thank you to the girl who I cannot get in contact with because I lost her number. I was sitting next to her during an art group therapy and she was painting something and on the front she had written, “I am worth it.” I remember thinking, even if I didn’t believe it, I would love to just at least write it, but at the time I didn’t think I could even get myself to write that about myself. Then, my 21st birthday was spent in treatment facility and she gave me a hug as soon as she saw me. I sat down, and that lovely painting that I couldn’t even write about myself, was written TO me. It was my birthday present from her. Even though most people are partying and drinking on their 21st birthdays and I was in inpatient, she made that day pretty good. Plus the nice card everyone wrote me really made me happy. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thank you notes for random acts of kindness part 1

  1. <333 If you have a dry erase marker, you can write messages to yourself on the mirror and erase them really quickly. I have used this to practice writing nice things to myself without the permanence of it… or you can even do it in the steam from the shower. I like writing fairy tale related messages like "you are fairest of them all" 😉

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