What would an apology from ed look like?

I’ve heard so many times that we are not ed, and our thoughts are not ours. They are eating disordered thoughts. Some people have told me to separate myself from ed by thinking, “Is this MY thought, or an Ed thought?” I’ve written a letter divorcing myself from ed, but what if ed decided to apologize to us? When we recover, it’s like the voice is still there but fades and fades away, but it never takes the time to apologize for all the trouble its caused. This is probably a super weird thought. It just came into my head somehow. I don’t know. I guess if there was an apology from this beast, maybe it would make me less scared of a relapse. When losing ed thoughts, the thoughts never promise to never come back. Maybe an apology (which I honestly don’t even know how this would go about, again, this random thought just came into my head) would help with closure. Maybe we would be trying to figure out if we should eat something or not and instead of all the negative thoughts that come into our heads, we would think something like, “I know I said before this was bad, but I’m sorry for making you think that. I’m sorry for almost killing you. You may eat whatever you please.”


6 thoughts on “What would an apology from ed look like?

      1. I was thinkin like maybe scream your own apology thoughts narrated by Ed whenever you go to do behaviors so it drowns out the sounds of Ed but you don’t feel guilty about it cause it still sounds like Ed but a nicer version


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