Something amazing in every piece of everything

Don’t change your body, don’t change your soul, just change your mind. I’ve been trying this thing where everything I dislike about myself, change it into something amazing. There is even an example of when I did this without even trying, except it didn’t work out the way I had wanted. When I was young I hated being tall. People would comment on how tall I was and would talk about how short they were. People said they wanted to be tall but I didn’t want them to mention me being tall because it made me insecure. When I was standing next to tall people I would hate it if I didn’t seem much shorter than they were. Eventually I came to not only embrace my tallness, but believe I am not tall enough. I was told by someone why being tall was a good thing, as is being short, but it changed my mind about how I really wanted to just shrink so badly. I still see the beauty in being short, but my mind was finally changed into loving being tall. I am glad I love being tall now, however, I am struggling with being too short now. I am 5’7 and I want to be 5’8 or 5’9. Maybe this stems from the ed because it seems numbers are an obsessive thing with me obviously. It’s only an inch, so why do I care so much?! Anyway, this just reminds me of something I’ve been doing which is searching for the beauty in everything. Like I said, I thought being tall was the worst thing ever for me. Then eventually, I changed NOTHING about myself physically, my mind was changed into believing that I couldn’t get tall enough. This example is ok, but not exactly where I need to be with this method, which is finding the beauty in yourself and having that love of yourself STAYING that way, but it did just show me it is possible to change your mind about yourself. And now that I am aware that you can find beauty in everything, it is getting easier. Being bubbly and laughing and jumping around and playing with my dog is so beautiful, but I can’t do that with the eating disorder.


2 thoughts on “Something amazing in every piece of everything

  1. Tall, short, in-between. It is all beautiful. Because God made you to be a uniquely beautiful human being whose true beauty comes from her heart. When you let that beauty shine people will see it. You will see it, too!

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