Smiling is beautiful

I used to despise my smile so much. Sometimes, on occasion, I still do. I still sometimes brace myself when i’ve smiled in a picture just before I see it. So today, this says a lot that I am saying this. I used to also think I had to be sad, as everyone said I smiled all the time and seemed so happy. Even with my eating disorder, I am a pretty happy person a lot of the time. But even that happiness is layered with insecurities. Of course, I wanted to be a sad person because everyone said I was happy but I always changed every thing about myself into a negative and something I had to change. I hated my smile more than anything, and I wanted to stop being the happy girl because I thought that wasn’t good enough (I can’t really explain my reasoning behind how on earth I convinced myself of that) and now I’m saying with a 100% belief that smiling is so beautiful. I am sitting here tonight hugging my dog and counting the times I smiled in Denver. Or maybe at least, counting the times I did not cry because i am so ashamed of how often i cried there. To me, it seems like it was non-stop. I just wanted to share how beautiful happiness is. How amazing it is to feel and how awesome it is to witness. Laughter is contagious, loved ones being happy is a blessing. :DDDDDD


6 thoughts on “Smiling is beautiful

  1. Smiling is good! At the barber shop my brother used to go there was a small wooden wall hanging that said, “If you see somebody without a smile, give them one of yours.” I always thought that to be so inspirational. So smile! People will smile back at you.

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