Turning this beautiful

I used to hate that my feet were not a size 5. I remember watching Hannah Montana and getting really upset when hannah said her shoe size was 5 and I got really insecure. Later on I heard two girls, girls that were just mean, I didn’t do anything to them, they had no reason to say this, but they said something on twitter in a general statement to everyone. “I would hate being tall, tall girls have big feet ew.” First of all, one of those girls is a mother now, and it always makes me feel more insecure when girls who are just so mean to everyone in general on social media, and they are the ones with the fairy tale ending. Anyway, luckily I was not 14 when this was said or I probably would have had a breakdown, but since I was older and embraced being tall I was able to counter that insult. I have a reason to love being as tall as I am despite my whole life up until i was like 16 only seeing the beauty in being shorter. I didn’t care about the size of my feet at this time because of something someone said to our health class in 8th grade. It will probably not seem like anything and it did take me from 8th grade until like 11th to embrace this completely but still, it worked in the end. A teacher said her feet grew when she was pregnant, she said they got “longer.” She didn’t say “bigger.” Feet cannot be big, but they can be long. Larger size shoes are not for people with big feet, they are for people with long feet. People who are tall are just…”tall.” They don’t need to be called big while shorter people are constantly called tiny. It’s just not fair to label in any way, but especially because these labels are false. Second of all, I grew up on knowing about the words tall and short, and even though I am having trouble grasping this thought, I do think it is true that no one can really be tall or short because of everything around us. Someone who is shorter than me is also taller than much of other things and vice versa.


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