Today’s therapy

I left today feeling like I finally have something I can do. Not that I haven’t been given many great skills and advice, it just hasn’t worked for me that well. I always have been a fan of the distraction skill but my therapist gave me some really great ideas. she told me to write down thoughts I should have after meals. Instead of the thoughts that I have being guilt and shame and anxiety, I should write down and read during and after every meal the thoughts I should have after meals. These thoughts would be, “I deserve recovery,” “i am in control of my own thoughts and actions,” “I need to recover to have the life I want.” I am also told to finish the placemat I made last year, or find an inside joke with myself (My therapist told me a joke today I didn’t get and she told me it was an inside joke with herself and I thought that was hilarious and awesome so now I need one! You guys should come up with one too!). So with all these tools I am sharing them with you guys in order to maybe help you guys out considered this therapy session really helped me today. HOWEVER I must mention that I have to limit myself to 1 hour of distraction after each meal at a time because if I get too distracted I forget how hungry I am thus making it even harder to eat. I hope this helps us ❤


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