Who am I?

Continuing onto yesterday. I have no clue what has gotten into me wanting to find all these different kinds of exciting distractions and reading a bunch of articles on recovery but I have been the past two days. Today I went onto the recovery warriors website (you should totally go look at it) and it says something about finding who you are without your eating disorder. This seems to me like what I was trying to do yesterday. Finding distractions yet this adds an extra amazing thing to it. Finding a distraction is good to keep away from my thoughts about eating, but then there is the aspect of also, instead of distracting yourself with the same things over and over, trying new things in order to learn more about yourself. It says, “Do you like spending time with your niece? Take her to a bookstore to find out.” I always felt like I wanted to do something like that but I thought it would be weird to “try and figure out if you like something,” I mean, shouldn’t it be obvious what I like and don’t like? Well, today I learned by this website that it may not be that simple. I learned about myself today like I like trying new things or things I haven’t done in awhile. The webpage also suggested writing a letter on stationary to a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. I know eventually I will get bored with this, but right now, it’s a great distraction, and this to me makes me know that I am an excitable person who loves things to be different and not the same old boring things. I’m excited to create or find some cute stationary which shows that I am creative and have a lot of effort to give into the things that make me excited. sometimes I get ashamed at how excited and wild and crazy I act which used to get me to actually start trying to act a little shyer because sometimes I feel I am too hyper. Now I realize, with this “assignment” that my hyperness actually can be a help to people such as the people I work for. If I am excited about it, like this stationary thing, I will put 110% into it. And that is good for others as well. I urge you all to try this out as well. 🙂

I decided to add this url to help if you want to write a letter with me. This is a webpage from buzzfeed called 17 DIY stationary projects that will make you want to write a letter today.  buzzfeed diy stationary


3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I do not know you much, but I am so proud of you for trying as hard as you are! We who have been through this know how hard it is. Keep fighting the good fight!!! 🙂

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