I once turned a cloud into a mountain

Maybe I can use this blog not only for sharing my eating disorder story and recovery but also just finding the beauty in everything. Just to help others find the beauty in themselves because lately I have realized that I can turn things around from a negative to a positive. Turn bad situations into good by just changing things around in my thoughts. It’s actually something I wish I had done a long time ago. I just wanted to share a story of how I did it again. I’m from Ohio and I don’t really like living here. I actually have been thinking a lot about once I graduate college getting a job about of the state and moving out of Ohio. One day I was driving and I saw some beautiful “Mountains.” Now sometimes it takes awhile for my brain to catch up with my thoughts. I loved them. I thought to myself, “Why don’t I like Ohio? Those mountains are so beautiful.” Then a few minutes later I realized that they were just strange looking clouds. They were darker than the rest of the sky and started at the edge of the horizon and went up and down choppily like mountains. I thought, “How on earth did I think those were mountains in Ohio!?” A few months went by and I looked up into the sky and noticed normal, fluffy clouds. If you concentrate hard enough you can pretend that the highest cloud, if it is cloudy enough, that it is the top of a mountain. It really does look like it. And to me, everything seemed magical. Like I was walking towards something enormous and majestic instead of something I see all the time just high up in the sky.


4 thoughts on “I once turned a cloud into a mountain

  1. I like this! One can see almost anything in anything if they really want to see it. Want to see a butterfly in a cloud? See it. It is there!

    Using your blog to talk about seeing beauty in everything and not just your eating disorder sounds like a great idea. It is another way to share your continuing progress. You never know who you will inspire!

    Sometimes the clouds in Chicago look like mountain, too. Especially at sunset. So beautiful!

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    1. awww thank you! I’ve only actually seen a cloud look like a mountain once and then once I tried to make it look like a mountain, I realized how easy it actually it is and how they kind of really do look like mountains without much effort of imagining it!!

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