Instead of Pity

People are struggling. But not 100% of anyone’s lives are bad. There is always something good, whether you perceive someone else’s life as good or not. People do not like to be pitied. We want to have a good life or make people believe we have as good a life as others. When you look at someone who you pity or look down on because you have something they do not, you should try to find the positive in their situation and be happy for them. Take pity on people out of the world because it makes others feel bad sometimes or feel ashamed. Recently I found the beauty in my life if all I have for the rest of my life is my mom and my dog. Instead of the “american dream” of having a husband and kids, I found the beauty in not having either of those 2 things at all. Not having random baby stuff in my hair, not being so tired all the time. (Of course, though, being a wife and a mother is equally as wonderful.) But this led to the way I looked at an older woman I saw many years ago. Talking on the phone in a way I thought she would be asking a babysitter about her children. I was happy for her because I knew her a little and she seemed to be struggling a lot. Then I heard her say something that made me realize it was her dog. I felt sorry for her that she only had dogs, but now that I have found the beauty in just having that I feel HAPPY for her. I find it beautiful the way she talked about her dogs like they were her children. The “american dream” isn’t everyones dream, and it isn’t the only thing to look at in others to define happiness or being successful or remembered.


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