Positivity is like a boomerang.

I learned this from a letter. I wrote a letter for distraction. I was told last week to find things to distract myself and I decided to write some letters and send them the old fashioned way. It was a wonderful, wonderful distraction and I learned things about myself while doing it which was a great thing for my recovery. I sent these letters trying to send positivity which in the end, gave me feedback of immense positivity. It boomeranged itself right back to me and them some. Sending positivity is a great message to get people smiling. I would rather people call me a breath of fresh air than hug me because I am crying. This person who texted me she got me the letter said it is full of hope, and that I about the best compliment I could think to get right now. Sometimes I am ashamed of my insecurities in the past. Sometimes I would think no one wanted to speak to me so I remained quiet, and now I look back at some of those times and think about how stupid it looked to just sit there. It reminds me that insecurities are liars and they made me look much more stupid than I thought they did. My mom would tell me I needed to speak up, and I now realize that I should have. I always get positive vibes from my personality when I am not afraid people will hate me when I don’t try to disappear, but it ended up making it worse. After feeling guilty for a negative comment awhile ago, I was able to change it into something positive and I will never feel guilty for that for as long as I live.


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