With you ed, today I might not have laughed as hard as I did

I’ve been doing well this week. Tonight though, I was having some trouble and my mom needed me to do something for her. I didn’t think I could walk very well so I had to eat more than I felt I could. Yes, I spent the rest of the day with this on my mind. It’s still on my mind. For about 2 hours I was only thinking of it. Wanting it to be tomorrow to start again, wanting to take it back, getting mad so easily because I wanted to cry over the stress of eating. But then, while I am still guilty, I realized that I can’t deal with it until tomorrow. Restricting tomorrow it not a good thing to do, but I cannot dwell on what I did today because it won’t change a thing. Actually it will change a thing. If I kept dwelling, i’m not sure I would have laughed as hard as I did today. I was watching a video on youtube and I just found it hilarious! I laughed in a way that I laugh when I watch REALLY funny videos, or when I’m slap happy with my friends and start laughing hysterically. It was like those times when my mom is in bed and I try so hard to stay quiet but I end up wailing, and she wakes and asks what I’m laughing about. I remember the time I was watching the Oscars in my room and my mom was asleep and this guy said, “I should have got a hair cut.”It was the very first thing he said in his speech and I couldn’t contain myself. It took me probably over 5 minutes to tell my mom what I was laughing at because I couldn’t talk. So edwardo, could you have given me that tonight? if I kept up with your stupid rules could I have laughed like that!? I don’t think so! Thank you the fighting version of myself, I liked what happened tonight. 🙂


2 thoughts on “With you ed, today I might not have laughed as hard as I did

  1. Sometimes it is so hard to laugh even if we wanted to. But is it not great to just laugh spontaneously? Regardless of the circumstances? Sometimes it is what we really need right then and there. Live, love, laugh, enjoy. Repeat often 🙂

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