Continuing with my journey to so much more to life


Try everything, this is the main thing I can say to you. sometimes with life, like, I think, everyone, I get bored. My therapist would tell me every session that I needed something in life to look forward to in my future in order to want to recover from anorexia. I needed someone else to be. I needed to like myself for something else besides this falsehood of control I thought anorexia was giving me. I needed to have something to do so I wouldn’t be bored and settle on not eating. I got a job at a bakery. I hate baking. I don’t say this as, I hated baking until I got a job at a bakery. No, despite this picture I have up, I still despise baking. However, I have fun at my job now. This might seem like obviously that I love baking now, but honestly, I like the end product, I like the fact that I can make something, because I love being creative. But still, if I had to bake something at home, I wouldn’t really enjoy it. But getting this job I realized that I just need to keep trying new things, and I never learned that telling people I make doughnuts and things like this is actually something they admire and think is cool despite not making a lot of money. I didn’t realize I would care about what they would look like. The picture I have is of bear claws I made last night. I wanted to also post a picture of the last time I made bear claws (hot mess) but the picture is on my phone and my phone is dying and I don’t feel like charging it. BUT I’m making progress and I’m happy about it, even though I don’t like baking, but it made me realize that I can turn any situation around into making it correlate with things I like, like being creative. I just thought I would post this picture because it just shows hope I guess. Like I was bored with everything and now I am sharing with people a journey to finding everything there is to find out of life. Well I guess I’m half sharing since I only have the one picture. (Just image the same picture but each one like 10 times bigger since I didn’t know there was such thing as a 5inch measurement limit so they looked insanely puffy) (HOWEVER the puffiness (imperfection) of those last bear claws apparently made someone buy them. I heard that someone took one look at those puffy little things and said, “whats that puffy thing!? i want it!”)


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