My own article for eating recovery day

Apparently there is going to be an eating recovery day…may 3rd. When we already have an eating disorder awareness week. This is another recipe for people to glamorize eating disorders by posting numbers. This is what happens every time. Every neda awareness week. Everything around me is flooded with calorie talk, transformations, weights, number of hospitalizations. I think if eating disorder places want to be helpful, instead of just creating a day or a week dedicated to recovery, they should tell the whole world that numbers and things like that are not helpful, and if they see people talking about calories and things like that, it is a recipe for relapse or an eating disorder to start. If I were creating this day, I would make an article that said something like this, “May 3rd is national eating recovery day! Many people suffer from this deadly illness, but this is not a day for sufferers to talk about numbers, it’s a day to talk about positivity. It’s not a day to talk about where you were at, it’s a day to talk about where you are now. Your story is not more or less important because of numbers or because of the past. The story is not about being the best at this disease, it’s about being fabulous at getting better. Talk of calories and weight and hospitalizations, not only is triggering, it robs so many people of a day that could be filled with positivity.” When I see calorie numbers in recovery, I want to go back to that. When I see calorie numbers when I am sick, I don’t care, because I’m sick, and I can do whatever I want, and I don’t care what happens. But when you are trying to be positive and get well, the calories talk makes me want to stop getting well, and makes me want to get back to those few calories again, and seeing an email about an eating recovery day should not have filled me with dread. I may still be sick at the moment, but I’m not as sick as I was. Even though I’m sick, I want to get better, and I don’t want to be triggered and I am trying to not use behavior, whereas last year, like I said, triggers were there, but I could do whatever I wanted so it doesn’t affect me as much as it does when I’m trying to remain recovered or trying to get to that place.


2 thoughts on “My own article for eating recovery day

  1. AMEN and AMEN!!! Wonderfully written. You are so right. We do not need to hear about the numbers of this or that. Hearing that only keeps those who are struggling and easily triggered in that deadly web that we want to break free of.

    I have access to some resources from my friend who works with people who have eating disorders. She runs several practices in and near Chicago. If you would be interested in hearing about these resources I could surely tell you more. No pressure. Just use my contact form.

    I am so glad to see how you are really starting to stand up from under that nasty beast! Keep fighting the good fight. Trust in the Lord and He will bring you through. 🙂

    May I re-blog this?

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  2. yes i am definitely interested! and yes yes you can re-blog! :)))) I was also thinking of something that I’ll have to blog about later on (just cause I don’t have a full article for it yet) about neda awareness week. It is full of before and after pictures and everyone thinks those are so positive, but then I thought about neda walks. How would neda feel if people showed up at a neda walk with a big smile on their face and a healthy weight but carrying around a portrait of themselves at their lowest weight?! they would probably be kicked out…!


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