Sweet sweet children

I work at a day care very little but today I did and it was pretty sweet:). A little boy asked me if I wanted a snack and I’m pretty sure someone without an eating disorder might just take that as a sweet boy with a nice gesture , but I’m sure many of us with eating disorders take that to a soaringly beautiful level. Then it went higher when lunch came around and a beautiful little girl was asking what I brought for lunch and she saw I had something I didn’t eat. And she told me I needed to eat them. Maybe someone else would have just thought she was being silly or just thought nothing of it at all but for me, it was pretty amazing. Children don’t see the things we see in ourselves because they are not that insecure yet I guess. The only way we get the ugly thoughts in our head is when our own thoughts put them there for ourselves. Children don’t think eating is bad or try to get others not to eat. So maybe if you ever are doubting whether or not to eat, just imagine a sweet innocent child who knows nothing but wonders in the world, asking you to finish your meal because it is incredibly practical that a child would say this to you.


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