We are told we are not our eating disorder, yet we are called anorexic or bulimic

I think the main thing I have been told in treatment is we are not our eating disorder. meaning our thoughts are separate. If our brain was healthy we would not think these things so there is a disease in our mind that is causing these thoughts but if we get our brain better, then we will not have thoughts given to us by the eating disorder. Yet the words anorexic and bulimic exist. To me, this reinforces the identity aspect. To some, people do not want to be known this way, they want a different identity and they want to not be associated with the disease as a part of who they are. Others can be triggered into eating disorders, a relapse or more behaviors because of a lack of identity, and “anorexic and bulimic” is an identity. I know that Ednos patients sometimes feel like a failed eating disorder because I have read articles like people who have failed at their eating disorder because they were not diagnosed as anorexic or bulimic. Yet with Ednos and BED you just have that disease, and there is no word that, I guess, makes you identify with it. (unless there is a word and I just haven’t heard it yet) This makes it sound less serious in my opinion and I know of people that are not taken seriously with these illnesses and people who feel they need to get to rock bottom before they get help because no one believes them. The words anorexic and bulimic separates these illnesses from diseases that are just as serious. You may think that they are just words, they don’t mean anything, but every time I hear the words I think about how many times I was told that I am not my eating disorder, so why are we anorexic?


6 thoughts on “We are told we are not our eating disorder, yet we are called anorexic or bulimic

  1. You present a good question here. I can see where you are coming from. Are you an anorexic or a person with anorexia? It is like saying a person with cancer IS cancer. You are not the disease that ails you. You are a person fighting what ails you. Besides, the word anorexic is an adjective used as an antecedent, not a noun. And you cannot be an adjective. 😉

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