A new dream of mine is a volunteer option

I have recently been trying to broaden the experiences i am having in my life and when I am finished with treatment I have found something amazing, and it seems to me as amazing as being an astronaut, but it’s volunteer work. It is to go to an animal shelter and photograph dogs for websites in order to get them adopted. I have already signed up for this and I since I am not a certified photographer it might be harder than I thought to do this, as I also haven’t heard back yet. But because of this, it feels like something I have to work for, but it’s ok because I want to do it so bad! It sounds amazing! Here is a lovely picture I took of my dogs. who wouldn’t adopt these angels!? But seriously, they are mine, no taking them.


3 thoughts on “A new dream of mine is a volunteer option

  1. Oh, they are so cute! I assume the puppy on the right is Bailey? Who is the doggie on the left?

    I am so glad for you that you have a goal that really excites you. Sometimes I think I may have lost having something to shoot for on a daily basis. I have been retired far too long. Ugh!

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    1. The dog on the left is Rachel the dog I had since I was a child! 🙂 I sometimes feel lost on what to do on a daily basis but my advice to you is to try something new often and if you ever get bored with your interests, the boredom will not last forever, you just need a break from it! I know how it feels to lose interest in things and feel it will never come back but I have learned that taking a step back really helps!

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      1. Thank you for the advice! 🙂 Much of it may have been the long, boring winter we had this year. Perhaps as I start getting back to quilting will help alleviate that. However, I could use something new to draw my attention. I want to explore photography. My insurance agent (God rest her soul. She recently passed away) gave me a book about photography written by her friend Nancy Rotenberg titled Photography and The Creative Life. Really awesome photos taken from and edited in perspectives many would think unconventional. But that is what being creative is all about! Now if only I can figure out that photo editing app I bought…


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