Today was simply amazing

I walked into breakfast and was laughing so hard that I told an extremely funny worker that I couldn’t ever sit at the table with her anymore because I laugh too hard and then I cannot complete. I told a stupid story and i was crying from laughter and a worker asked if my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. The extremely funny worker was going around the room and asking us fun facts about ourself. When she called on me I looked at her and smiled big. She said my face could be a meme for “I like to smile, smilings my favorite.” She asked for a fun fact and I said “I like to smile smilings my favorite.”  I googled some new table games and we played some, despite one of them not being a very pleasant experience. We tried word sneak from jimmy Fallon. The only good sentences that came out of that were “remember that Hannah Montana episode where there were ducks and they were like quacking.” And then “I wouldn’t want to be an animal because they cannot wear lipstick!” Guess what though! I still feel there is room for improvement for tomorrow 🙂 


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