This rainbow

I was once sitting in group and I spotted a rainbow. It wasn’t a shock since it kept raining hard for a few seconds only, and then it would stop. The rainbow was settled outside the window just above another patients’ head. We were sharing our evening plans and how our day went. I wanted to shout it out to everyone that there is a rainbow, but someone was talking and I didn’t want to interrupt. I turned towards the leader of the group hoping she would want to take her authority to exclaim to everyone loudly about the rainbow, knowing exactly that I meant the interruption to be seen as a way to spread the happiness of the rainbow for everyone. She looked over at the window then back at me and only nodded. I felt dreadfully, overly excited and rude thus shame. Then when the girl finished talking, the worker told everyone about the rainbow. I don’t remember their reaction in the moment but soon someone said something that shattered my shame to its deceiving core. She was asked what helped her today and she said the rainbow. Those words I told the worker that told me back, shame, but it was beautiful. 


2 thoughts on “This rainbow

  1. A rainbow is God’s promise that He will never again destroy all life on earth with flood waters. Awesome! I like to think that this promise extends to the flood of afflictions in our lives. That God will heal us of everything that tries to destroy us. And when you think about it, He does. He gave us His Son, Jesus, to do that very thing! So God gave YOU a rainbow to remind you of His promise to you!

    I hope all is well with you.

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