Beautiful does not mean perfect

Perfect doesn’t exist. Being beautiful is no exception to that. There is no exception for the fact that perfection is nonexistent. I am reading a book and this just annoyed me for a second and I wanted to share my thoughts with you πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Beautiful does not mean perfect

  1. I think it is a relative term that does not always mean what we believe it to be. What one person may view as perfect (or not perfect) is opposite what another person my think. A painting may not be the perfect piece of art according to some art critics. But the artist who painted it would most likely think otherwise (I have never met an artist who would not want to display what he did not think was imperfect).

    God sees us as perfect in His eyes with all the “imperfection” we tend to see in ourselves and others.

    I try to strive to achieve perfection in the things I do. Perfect to ME. And If I cannot get it the way I want it I justify it by saying, “Close enough for government work!”

    It is a whole objective/subjective thing. How do you want to look at it.

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    1. This was my thought process when I was younger! Until someone told me that no matter what, if I go looking for perfection even if it’s not what others perceive it, then you will always be disappointed and this thought always bummed me out so I’m thankful you have a good experience with your ideals of perfection!!!! This book just saying that this girl is beautiful so she is perfect just irks me.


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