My second group I’m leading tomorrow

Tomorrow I am leading a patient led group! I found on Pinterest a tutorial for how to make those adventure books you may have seen in the movie UP. Someone suggested to me we make it our recovery adventure book. I’m pretty excited because just now I realized that this isn’t just for fun! I just saw this idea and thought it was amazing. And I just now realized that adventure is what started it all for me! Recovery I mean. I want to go to Oregon, I want to have a job I enjoy and make a difference. Recovery is an adventure and this adventure book is sure to bind my survival into the pages of this book made out of cardboard 🙂 a story of the steps to survival written by a girl proud to be a warrior, and it’s only made of cardboard. See how amazing everything can be on the inside when the outside doesn’t reflect what’s inside? It doesn’t matter. I will absolutely love doing this with cardboard. If people saw all those random, blank pieces of cardboard in my backpack right now, they would never know 😉


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