Another glorious epiphany 

Whilst I was in my iop process group, people were talking about when they didn’t want to eat their snack and then ate it anyway. They said it with such pride in the epitome of strength and they were beaming with their triumph. It was inspiring. How beautiful strength is, is inspiring. My other epiphany goes along with what so many people tell me “you are not your eating disorder.” Many times in my mind before I do a behavior I think about how awful it will be to myself if I don’t engage in behaviors. Today I just realized that I am not harming my future self. I am not throwing myself under the bus by eating. I am not giving up everything by eating. I am throwing this horrid disease under the bus. I am ruining this eating disorders future. I am harming the eating disorder only. When you harm the eating disorder, it’s the only thing that gets hurt. When we engage in Ed behaviors, we harm everyone around us as well. 


4 thoughts on “Another glorious epiphany 

  1. If only more people [including myself] would have the strength and realization that they are not their failures and they can really achieve the seemingly impossible. you are an inspiration. thanks

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