A beautiful new perspective

Today, with the treatment center that has been immensely helpful to me, had a panel for asking questions to people who have gone through the program, and who are recovered (or parents of the recovered). I went in and all the staff and patients I knew were sitting and watching recovered patients and parent tell their story. Something really got my eye. My old Psychiatrist. Well, the one I have if I am in programming at this center. She has always been a beautiful person inside and out, but today I saw something that gave me, like I said, a new beautiful perspective. A lot of the times when I have seen her, even with just me in her office or around the building, she isn’t beaming with happiness. This is not to say she is an unhappy person, she is just a very serious individual who is very strong and very inspiring, who also scares people just a tad, however, this scariness is in the best way possible. “We better get better!” What I noticed in her was a glowing beaming sensation on her face whilst she was listening to these women who have recovered from their eating disorder. When in our eating disorder, our team doesn’t get a beaming smile until this happens. Our recovery is what leads to a glowing face of our team and the ones we love. In our eating disorder, it is all drained away. Honestly, maybe all of our team needs a candid picture of their faces glowing from pure joy of their recovered patients and have them shown in a group of what that part of recovery looks like. This part of recovery will be the same each time, and something in the future of recovery you actually can predict.


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