Shun the negative aspects of society and welcome the many positive ones

Society is rude. In my opinion the only negative aspects a person can have comes from the inside and it is if you try to bring others down. Obviously, we have all done this, but changing into a more positive outlook on your body and yourself isn’t considered to be fake in my book. I know I have worried about changing my personality and wondering way too much about my true self in order to not be considered fake. However, I have had this opinion for many years that if you are changing yourself for the better, as a more positive, kinder and happier person, it is considered self-improvement, not being untrue to yourself. No one can accurately call you fake for being kinder and smiling brighter. So therefore, society being rude and being a very big thing that gets people to engage in eating disordered behaviors by promoting restricting, purging, over-exercising and an unhealthy body weight, is just rude, and negative, and does not go along with the values of my healthy mind. I remember a friend of mine responding to a good natured joke I made recently and called it rude. She sounded like the word was a good natured joke as well but this word “rude” just to me seems so degrading, and the last thing that I would want to be. When I thought of society as rude, however, it seemed all so appropriate. So, lets show only the examples of when society is the beautiful words of kind, accepting, and lovely. giphy-12.gifThis is from a youtube video called Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything, believe me, I’m a model. She explains in this Ted talk that this move she is demonstrating is how they take action shots of models in magazines. The images we see are not at all what they seem. They were by chance. A model did not stand there perfectly upon his or her first direction. It is actually jumping like this a bunch of times. She explained that she never wore a bikini when she wore a one piece in a photoshoot. She never had a boyfriend when she had to do a shoot with a man in the frame with her, like they were together. I really recommend looking at this. She says with the most beautiful confusion and judgement (I know these are normally ineffective but bear with me) about how she was confused how she didn’t get a ticket from the police because of her looks, while others have to pay for their tickets. The last gif I have here is of a model Cara Delevinge laughing at the thought of losing weight. This is what the concept of society needs to be aware of. It’s pathetic to make us do these deadly things to ourself. Cara’s face is how to react to society if anyone or anything tries to tell us to do ANYTHING to change our perfect bodies that allow us to live on this beautiful planet. giphy-13.gif


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