Every fiber of your being has a value

My own personal experience tells you with truth, that everyone on this planet is beautiful. Whether it be inside or out. I have been through a lot with my demons. It seems I always have different demons, or maybe they change their minds just as fast as I do. However, one day I can want to be seen as smart and my demons tell me I’m stupid. Or another day I want to be stupid, and my demons tell me I’m smart. I have seen the beauty in it all. It’s like my mind and heart have been through all the corners of every aspect there is to being a human, and has found a way to be fond of it all. I always hated not being able to like anything about myself, obviously, but now I see it as an advantage as I have something that allows me to see the beauty in every situation. This time it is forced by my own consciousness instead of a thought wandering into my head without invitation. I am able to tell people about it now. If only my teenager self had known that it would all be worth it. Some times I want to be silly. Which is beautiful.giphy-16
And sometimes I want to be reserved. Which is beautiful.giphy-17

My advice is to find who you truly are and then find the beauty in that. I have found this by seeing myself, mostly something that I have tried to change about myself, in someone else. If I see an aspect of my true self in another person, it’s easier for me to see it as amazing. Then my mind changes all around. It all depends on how you look at it. This beauty is still the eye of the beholder. You may see so many aspects of silliness and still don’t see it being lovely in yourself, but the harder you look, you will find something that makes you love yourself. A better interpretation of this amazing aspect you possess. A way to see the beauty in yourself that others tell you they see, but something you are desperate to change. Here’s hoping that you can take this blog post and apply it to your amazing self and finally be at peace. Because I understand all too well how tiring it is to hate yourself. With every single thing in the world a human can posses being beautiful in some way, you are not worth hating yourself.


2 thoughts on “Every fiber of your being has a value

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. Life is worth so much. So many people (sometimes understandably) look at themselves as one small cog in the giant machine that is humanity. If that cog is removed or knocked out, they believe it can just as easily be replaced by another cog. But I truly don’t believe that it’s that simple. Each person has their own unique complexities, their niches and designs. Every part of you, physically, emotionally, and mentally is unique, and we should embrace that. There is inherent value in uniqueness, and like you said, to deny beauty in something you see in yourself, but love in someone else, just isn’t right. Everyone is beautiful and valuable, as long as they believe they are. Thanks for this post.

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    1. Thanks so much for this reply! This mindset has so much helped with loving myself. But you are completely right that no one can be replaced. There are so many combinations of personalities and interests and things that cannot be recreated!


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