My dreams to end pro ed and my advice to those who engage in that kind of language

Pro ed is when people are talking about eating disorders like they are “achievements” or “Good things.” This is deadly. Because of this, people are getting worse in their eating disorder or beginning one. I feel this is still “acceptable” (Acceptable mainly meaning ignored and not punishable except on certain websites) because of the lack of education among the world with eating disorders. For people who do not understand, people suffering with eating disorders can get triggered into doing harmful and deadly things to their bodies based on intentional and unintentional words or actions. It has turned eating disorders into a competition and it is why I have started my goal of trying to get education out in order to end it. The competition is of things such as people’s instagram accounts saying on descriptions things like, Hospitalization times (blank), lowest bmi, highest bmi, etc. In treatment, numbers and food talk is strictly off limits. I have seen accounts that have pictures making fun of people who are bigger which is strictly pro ed. People do not understand that talk like pro ed talk is not just harmful to themselves, it is harmful to people with mental illnesses and it can be deadly. When people are getting by saying these horrible things and being ignored instead of people telling them to stop is completely baffling to me, and the only logical thing that I can think of on this subject as to why this continues to happen, is the lack of education. This is especially important with eating disorders because most people do not know how sick they truly are. Someone could be the same bmi as someone but think that the other person looks thin, but they do not.  So this person goes into drastic measures to no avail, because the weight never gets to that place. As for the issue of control, someone could mention a daily caloric number and suddenly this leads to someone’s downward spiral of their eating disorder due to feeling like they must get to that caloric number to feel they have some control in their life or over themselves. I admit that I have had some thoughts of saying things when someone says something to me. When people talk about behaviors like achievements and things of that nature, I feel so insecure about it that I used to feel like I had to join in. First of all, my actions and these other people’s actions do no help to anyone. Second of all, I just want to give my advice to people who engage in pro ed talk. Use opposite action. Maybe you like the way you feel with the way you talk, but I guarantee it feels better to be strong and invincible. This year, I have had people say negative things to me that I have wanted to say something along the lines of, “me too!” But I have used opposite action which means you think of what your eating disorder wants you to say, and just do the opposite. Just think, an eating disorder is a killer. It only causes harm and death, and this should not be who you listen to. This is something that helps me because it makes me feel like, “What on earth does that say about me? I’m listening to a dangerous entity.” All it takes is a second to walk away from the conversation. You may not want to, and you may actually think it would be stupid to not say anything, but, like i have witnessed in myself, as soon as you start doing this, the sooner the triggers go away. Without triggers, pro ed doesn’t have anything to thrive on considering this is basically what pro ed is, which is triggering others on purpose to harm themselves. Since doing this, I have ended treatment feeling strong and not scared. In conclusion, all that read this post, I have one favor that I beg of you. Tell the people you know of this. And let them know of how people with eating disorders feel when these types of things are said. For me, I get very affected by laughing and smiling after behavior talk. All it takes is for people to talk about it, and in my opinion, relapse rates would go down significantly as I am one who relapsed from pro ed talk.


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