A quick message to make the ed voice undesirable

This is from Anne hathaway. On her instagram account she posted a picture of shorts being cut in half. She talks about there being no shame in gaining weight and that there should never be any shame. At the end she says, “Love what you are given.” This gives me more perspective into my recovery word of “Rude.” I have said in the past that the word rude seems like the most degrading thing and how I am trying to apply my eating disorder ways to this most horrid adjective. It reminds me of a childish meanness and not loving what you are given, is something I can now see myself as being rude if I hate my body and try to change it. I have a life and I’m trying to get rid of it for control, and that is rude of me. Lets not demand more than what we have. Lets be grateful for the beautiful bodies we have.


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