The question “Would you rather” goes into oblivion

It doesn’t matter because everything is wonderful if it belongs inside or outside a human. “Would you rather be tall or short?” If you change your perspective you could close your eyes and pick a hand if a genie comes to grant you one of two wishes. This is what I’m trying to prove to you all, that if we want the satisfaction of a beautiful heart, this act of tearing people apart isn’t the answer. Change your perspective next time you want to make fun of someone. A lot of people think that if you go for a certain thing, you risk people not liking you or not thinking certain things about you. That doesn’t have to be. Everyone looks at things differently. Beauty in the eyes of someone will land on every inch of this world. If you fell over but wanted to be poised and elegant, look at this gif. An endearing way of a lack of grace. You have the opportunity to fumble but then recover with a smile or a laugh. A perfect opportunity for a smile to reflect back the grace you feel you lost. In fumbling and smiling, you radiate a grace of soul. She isn’t graceful, but she is determined, strong, and I still see so much beauty in this picture. Her strides are strong and endearing giphy-22.gifAnd yet, sometimes I have wanted to be clumsy and even found that I was graceful only because I wanted to be clumsy. Well, I easily could have found comfort in being graceful as well. giphy-19.gifThis horse is majestic, graceful and can still be anything he/she wants. It’s strides are balanced and soft. Self as context my dear friends. It means we are only ourselves, we are not a label. One day I was tripping non stop, and that day I was clumsy. Another day I walk without a bump in my step, and that day I was graceful. Labels, therefore, are rude and inaccurate, and I beg of you to tell anyone who tries to label you this.


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