Stereotypical Fragility

An eating disorder of mine stemming out from this, at least when it started and it was due to body image. I thought it was the common stereotype that women had to be fragile and thin. Therefore, according to the world, I had to use eating disordered behaviors and lose weight. However, now I see how much more wonderful it is to fight and be a warrior. Two things got me to this point. And all they were, were two sights to see. One was a girl carrying a chair over her shoulder like it was nothing. She did not complain. Another was reading a book about how a girl escaped. It made me think of being one of a team in a lost jungle. Being the damsel in distress who does not want to be hurt is holding the group behind. Suddenly, I lived to be a warrior. A few things I have learned about being a warrior is that you can be one no matter what you are now. No matter what the personality you possess, you are or can become a warrior. Don’t let anyone tell you, you are fake for trying to be strong. This is surviving and self improvement. Also, if you ever think of yourself as weak because some people are born able to do the things you used to not be able to do, like talking on the phone, that makes you stronger that you pushed through it. This is my example actually. “Normal” people did not have to push through all that anxiety I had when calling people, and now I can call people without a problem. Fighting through anxiety is what makes you strong, not being born without it. And in case you are unconvinced, being a warrior is beautiful. Fierce is beautiful. giphy-23This is the only time in this blog I will not put two contrasting gif’s or pictures next to one another to show the beauty in both because I think we all have the power to be stronger. Wanting to be fragile is self-destructive in my book. It is true, however, fierce can be just as desirable.


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