Which way is your hair beautiful?

I have struggled so much finding love for myself, as I have so much talked of already. One thing I haven’t mentioned is my hair. Now, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, and it isn’t a big deal to me anymore, but it’s one more thing that I finally like about myself due to changing my perspective and I’m going to share with you the beauty in every type of hair. I was born with straight blonde hair that slowly turned brown. I have hated my straight hair for a long time, and have just now found the beauty in it. I always thought of curly hair being princess like, which is why I wanted it, so there you have it. Curly hair can be seen as princess like! I always hated my hair turning brown because of the beauty I saw in blonde hair, which was that I liked the color of it and it seemed fun. “Blondes have more fun.” Now, I love my brown hair because for some reason, it makes me feel like I blend in more with nature when I walk outside. Now, I love my straight hair not being princess like curly because I found it’s own beautiful nature. What I found was that straight hair looks more professional on me. Other assets of having straight hair is the elegant look to it.  I always wanted red hair too, because I felt it would set me apart from everyone in the greatest way possible. Black hair to me makes me think that if I had black hair, I would feel like I’m from a very old movie and me loving things from the past, this would be perfect! Therefore, there is amazing qualities in everything you can have, you just have to find them. If anyone tries to tell you that something about you is not good enough, even your own self telling you that, find anything about it that is amazing, and then all you will be left with is a happy mind, and a peaceful soul knowing that anyone who wants to treat you that way is the one with the problem themselves, not you. The reason I talk of this is because I was not able to change my perspective until my perspective was changed for me over and over again. Finally, I learned to channel the way my interest of beauty kept making 360s. It is possible, to find other wonderful qualities besides just the ones I have listed here, but I list them because the start of changing your perspective by yourself, is much easier, in my opinion, if something you possess is put in a light, by someone else, in which you may have never thought of before. This changing perspective thing is just like a super power of self love. And remember, we cannot save others if we do not save ourselves first.

Straight- Professional and elegant.

Curly and super curly- Princess Like and standing out in the best possible way.

Red- Standing out in the best way possible.

Black- Vintage and elegant.

Blonde-A lovely color and fun.

Brown- Be one with nature.


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