“Which Friends character would you rather be? ” All!

They are all wonderful in their own ways. I just use this as an example of how comparing is unfair and all of their personalities can be desired by everyone if you allow yourself to look beyond your lack of desire. You can want to be Phoebe because of her strange sense of humor. giphy-36.gif You can love her strength and her quirkiness. Or Ross’ type of sense of humor. giphy-37If this is your type of humor in the moment, you can love yourself for your sweet, kid like manner. Or you can love the moments when you complain in a cute quirky way like Rachel. giphy-38.gifOr Monica with her sense of humor with a lot of energy. giphy-39.gifAnd then there is Chandler where you seriousness and hilarity meet together into a well balanced medium. giphy-40.gifLook at yourself the way I looked at everyone here. There is something to love in everything, even if they are polar opposites.


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