My challenge to all those who are insecure

My insecurity has been helped by changing my perspective. I have been looking at every person, including myself, and finding something I like in everything. When I am silly, I can find something I like when I act silly. When I am serious, I can find something I like when I act serious. I have been putting together on this blog, a bunch of pictures and gif’s that show my view of beauty in every inch of the world. My challenge to you is to do the same. Create a collage, a blog post, notice it in your mind. Find your personality on someone else and document it as a beautiful you. For example, self as context says that we are only ourselves and that means without labels. It shows a way in which labels are inaccurate. Labels do not exist because we are not any certain thing 100% of the time. For me, I hated how big my feet were, until I saw it on someone else. This was actually Taylor Swift. We have around the same size and long, long ago, she was on Saturday night live, and I saw something that made me accept my feet, just because I liked the way they looked on her. Society tells us that we cannot be confident. Pretend like you’re in an action movie and love your damn self! I’ve talked about this before but when I was in 8th grade my teacher said her feet got bigger when she was pregnant. She clarified that they got longer. It was the way she talked about larger feet with different words. Longer, not bigger. Not that big is bad, but at the time, thinking my feet were just long really helped me accept. Love yourself. It is possible. Beauty is the eye of the beholder, and you are the beholder when you look in the mirror. You are not unloveable, you just don’t love yourself, while so many others see the light in you.


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