Laughing is Lovely

I have been feeling insecure lately about something many people have said about me. “You smile a lot.” It might sound strange as to how this can make someone feel insecure, but I heard a song recently that made me question this as a compliment. The song says, “Boys seem to like the girls who laugh at anything.” This was said in a judgmental manner to girls who laugh a lot. It made me believe that laughing a lot only means that I am trying to get boys to like me even though I laugh a lot with everyone. Listening to this I immediately thought this person was implying that these type of girls are those who are completely unintelligent. Ever since I heard this song, I have been getting insecure when I laugh, as odd as that may sound. Lets check the facts shall we? No one goes their whole life without smiling or laughing. Some people are considered intelligent, and they are people, so they have never gone their lives without laughing. Now, lets change our perspective from smiling being unintelligent (thanks brain) to being anything you desire it to be. When you smile you can look classy, like this- giphy-11.gifWhen you smile you can look sweet, like this- giphy-12.gifBeauty is the eye of the beholder. And these gifs make me see the beauty in myself when I laugh and smile. Also, something very important to me, when you smile, you can have a twinkle in your eye, like this-giphy-13.gif


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