Something to gain control without eating disorders

I just read an article on buzzfeed about lucid dreaming. (Buzzfeed-luciddreams) I remembered that I tried to lucid dream then I was a teenager and it worked a little bit, before I ended up giving up. Well, lucid dreaming seemed completely amazing to me when I learned about it. Trying to control your dreams and then being able to do whatever you desire. It’s like all your dreams coming true especially if you ever can do it every night. I watched Once upon a time last night where (spoiler) Ruby is trying to control the wolf in her on the full moon, and she ends up being able to. Because she is so strong, and it shows how strong she is by the way she controls it. Let me remind you though, that control with eating disorders lie within defying the thoughts, not defying the food. It is so much harder to get rid of thoughts that are constantly treating to destroy you. Just like the wolf in Ruby. The wolf is threatening to destroy her.  We see how thoughts lead to suicides, so this is proof that they are hard to escape from. Lucid dreaming is something I am going to start working on in order to feel like I have gained control. I tried so hard to do this when I was a teenager and it lead to dreaming that I dreamed I had a lucid dream, without a lucid dream itself. I know this sounds weird and sounds like I must have actually had a lucid dream, but I really don’t think I did. Lucid dreaming is very complicated and takes a lot of practice. When you master it, you can tell your brain, “I can control my dreams. I can do whatever I desire at night.” That is so much more amazing that trying to destroy ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Something to gain control without eating disorders

  1. Lucid dreaming is a difficult thing to master fully, but it is fun to do! Sometimes I can control my dreams. Sometimes they are way too weird to control. Then again, the weird dreams are often the fun ones!

    Happy dreaming 🙂

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    1. weird dreams are definitely the fun ones! I often think I will never master lucid dreaming because even when I am in a dream I think to myself, “Yep, this is real, no way this is a dream.” So this makes me feel like I will never know that I am dreaming. However, this makes it much more of a success story when I do end up mastering it!

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