Open mindedness saved my future

Maybe, just maybe I can survive this. In the past, even with evidence of me surviving the same situation before, I often wanted nothing to do with handling my emotions. I wanted them gone. I was never willing to try the things people were telling me because I felt that trying was too hard when I was as sad as I was. What if I get too overwhealmed when I get my full time job? I won’t surivive it! Well, now that I have opened my mind and let the thought, “maybe you can,” enter my brain, I know I can. I wouldn’t let that thought enter my head before. It threatened to take away all my dreams. Last year my therapist said, “you’re young. You can travel or do anything you would like to do.” I said I didn’t want to do anything. A lot of this came from worrying about money while traveling or following my dreams, rejection and home sickness from traveling. But once I opened my mind to all the things I might be able to survive, the life in myself from my childhood came running back to me. All the dreams I had that I lost came back, and as I have said before this has done wonders for my depression. 


4 thoughts on “Open mindedness saved my future

  1. Wow! Awesome! I, too, would always want to rid myself of emotions. (Can we say Vulcan?) I would think about how much easier life would be had I no emotions. Then one day it hit me. LIFE IS EMOTIONS!!! They can be beautiful or they can be horrible. Take your pick. It really is in how we handle them. I am glad you chose to keep ’em. You would not be the awesome young lady you are otherwise!

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