Please take the word anorexic, bulimic and schizophrenic etc, out of the dictionary

These words don’t even make much sense to me. (Let me be clear that I do not know the history of these words and if there really is a reason for what I am going to describe next, please let me know). Some mental illnesses have words that go along with them that turn them into an identity, and then there are some that randomly do not. Anorexic, bulimic, schizophrenic-these are all words to describe a person, when illnesses do not describe people. Yet there are some illnesses without these words such as Bipolar disorder. I can’t think of anything that anyone would say to a person suffering from bipolar disorder other than, “You are suffering from bipolar disorder.” Depression as well. You have depression but there are no words that were created just to describe someone with depression. This makes no sense to me as to why 3 of the mental illnesses (at least the ones I can think of) have words that describe the people suffering. There is also the problem of eating disorders staying with the sufferers because many people with this disease have lost themselves and this is all they know about themselves. Taking away these words altogether I think will help some people heal because then the identity  will not exist, because the identity is simply a word in the dictionary.


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