Proof that society’s labels are just silly

Society labels people like facts. This is not true. There is a skill I really love called self as context that really helps with handling labels, and it shows how much the rudeness of society doesn’t even make any sense. Being labeled a dull person when you have laughed many moments in your life doesn’t make sense. Some people act certain ways around different people. I act shy in large unknown social situations and more energetic around close friends. I cannot be labeled shy or outgoing, because it’s always different.  So many people hide their true feelings anyway. What makes society think they can get inside your head and tell you what you’re thinking. If labels existed, I would think it would be more logical for these, in a magical land where people are all mind-readers. Maybe a truly energetic person is really just afraid of showing his/her true self but people think the opposite about him/her. This shows that labels can’t exist in a world where mind-readers don’t exist. Now though, I understand labeling yourself is a little hard as well. I used to label myself as stupid. Stupid is actually a word that doesn’t make sense anyway. People label others stupid as a word that means someone who will always be unintelligent. Like they were born that way and cannot change. That’s how I labeled myself. When I was young I wasn’t interested in History in the slightest, or most subjects for that matter, but history was the worst for me. I would read the books but my head would be elsewhere. When I would take the test I would know nothing because the words in the book didn’t stick in my head, because I wasn’t interested. I told myself it was because I was just too stupid to remember anything. However, I now am interested in learning a vast amount of things (even history) and I can remember them and understand them because I finally want to. When I was a child, I didn’t want to learn, I wanted to be smart. But that’s not going to happen. In order to have brain full of knowledge, all you need to do is be willing, and to try. You don’t need the label of smart to get you to know a lot about the world.


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