A thought I had tonight

Take everyones opinions about yourself out of the entire picture. I often am insecure about who I am, and have tried to change myself. Tonight I was getting insecure again and ruminating on things I don’t like about myself. I have this thing where I can think something about myself, and then the moment someone thinks differently, I immediately have no clue who I am anymore. If I think something positive about myself and then someone thinks I’m wrong, even if said in a nice way, I immediately think they are right, even though I live in my thoughts, and no one else even hears them in a whisper. So my thought tonight was to take everything people say about you, good or bad, and just try not to make it important. Now, this is a known concept. We have heard time and time again that we are not supposed to care what others think or say about us, but this is mostly talking about something negative. Tonight, I remembered something positive someone said about me awhile ago and I kept thinking about it. Even though it was a positive experience to think about this, it reinforces that other people’s words are the main reflection of myself. It’s nice to be complimented obviously, but once we are completely at peace, we will only need ourselves to understand who we are, and find the beauty in us.


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