Why being single can be ideal

In this blog, I try to prove that everything is beautiful. This is something that I’ve been trying to find myself. That being single can be ideal. I am single and sometimes I just want someone just so I can say that I have someone. Because people have been asking me for years if I’m in a relationship like it’s something I need to have. Like if I don’t have it, something must have gone amiss in my life. I have started to try to find the beauty in being single and this is what I found. To prove that nothing is wrong with me being single. I am stronger being able to be on my own. Yes, I still live with my mom so I’m not completely on my own, but I look forward to when I graduate in April and move out, so then I can try to be completely alone and prosperous. When you are alone you are more connected with your thoughts. I love to day dream and I used to not be able to wait until I went to bed because that was when I could concentrate on my day dreams. When I am around people, I am too distracted to do it. Being single makes a dreamer. “I like being alone because I value my peace of mind.”-Robert Tew. I see being alone now as magical. Being strong enough to be by yourself. More able to take in your surroundings. Lost in your thoughts. Gliding around the world because you are day dreaming as you take each step which makes you give off a brand new energy.  I don’t do that when I am with people most of the time because I am paying attention to them. Let me be clear that I do love being around people, but I also am okay with being single now and I am okay with being alone. Because I looked at it in a better way. A better, yet still true way.


2 thoughts on “Why being single can be ideal

  1. It is awesome to hear someone say she likes to find the beauty in everything. Not many people take time to smell the roses these days.

    BTW — I totally get the whole daydreaming thing. I like to call it “reality on my own terms”! 😉

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