Embrace the Blush

I realized now that I blush. Blushing used to be the most embarrassing thing to me. I would get embarrassed, blush and then get more embarrassed. When I was younger, blushing was a horrible thing for people to witness me doing. The reason was because I didn’t want people to know I was embarrassed. I wanted people to think I was fine with tough situations. No one ever told me though if I blushed, but I could always feel my face get red. I used to tell myself that maybe it just feels like that and maybe my face isn’t really getting red. I remember if I did a presentation in class, which was my biggest fear, and my face turned red, I would get much more nervous. Once my face stayed red for probably 30 minutes after my presentation because the redness in my face made me blush more. It was like a never ending cycle that day. But recently, I have felt my face get red and my friends have said that I am blushing. I finally realized that I do blush. I think I always realized that but I didn’t want to admit or know it. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so awful anymore, because I looked at it a different way. Blushing doesn’t have to mean I am weak. Now that I think about myself blushing, I actually think of it now as something more endearing than I used to. I think about being strong through the redness in my face. Then it seems much more acceptable to my mind. Instead of staring at the ground hiding my red face, I can stand up straight and smile through my blushing. Picture yourself doing that in your head. I pictured myself doing that and I didn’t think it was so bad. I actually thought it makes me look strong.


4 thoughts on “Embrace the Blush

  1. Such an awesome and positive attitude to have!

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can hurt you without your consent.” I could always hold to that statement whenever I would get embarrassed and blush. So I made my own quote based on Mrs. Roosevelt’s quote, “Nobody can embarrass me unless I permit them to do so.” It also does not hurt to toss a wee bit of ambivalence into the picture. Blessings.

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