You are as beautiful as your heart

This mindset has helped me a lot. So you love that quote you just read, but it didn’t come from your own creative mind. Well, that quote is in your heart, and it is not in everyone’s. Say you and a friend discuss your favorite quotes and you share yours and she shares hers. Her favorite quote is different from your favorite quote. Look at yourself and what is inside your heart and love the fact that, that beautiful quote you love so much, is front and center in your heart. The quote you find beautiful, can be beautiful to you just because of where it is placed in your heart. This might be the reason why the universe made everyone different. Maybe everyone was supposed to love the way they loved things instead of just wanting those things to be on themselves, but something went amiss and now we all obsess about actually being some type of personality or outer beauty we love in our hearts. I used to be obsessed with being good at art. I’m not. I used to love drawing but I hated everything I drew. As of now, I don’t like drawing and I don’t really care if I can’t draw. This gives me the inside scoop of a person who does and does not care if their drawing is good, so I know these two contrasting opinions exist. When I was younger I should have just loved the fact that I wanted to be a good drawer. If I’m not good at it, accept it, and move on to the fact that your heart loves it, and that is different from others. When you hear people saying they wished they liked something, it’s mostly, from my own experience, from something they think will make them productive like, “I wish I liked to organize,” because this will get them to organize more. But we can use that for self-esteem as well. “I’m so glad I love art even though I’m not effective at it, because an interest is part of my  amazing personality.”An interest is beauty and because you love your interests so much, you should be able to see the beauty in loving the things that are already in your heart. So, what you want to look like on the outside, is a way to show your beauty, and your interests make the rest of what’s inside of you beautiful. I know you can see it, because you love what you love.


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