The more cowardly you are, the more potential you have to be the strongest

Courage isn’t being born fearless. It is being born with fear and being able to fight through it. I used to never face my fears. I got over my fear of roller coasters randomly. I used to be deathly afraid but one day I looked at a roller coaster whilst I was at an amusement park and didn’t feel afraid anymore somehow. Now I can ride anything. I wish I would have gotten on that roller coaster with fear, rather than without. Sometimes, even though I am facing my fears today, I feel like I am naturally weak from how much I didn’t try in the past. I mean, I used to face my fears when it came to social situations, like playing basketball in games even when I didn’t want to, but it was mostly a bigger fear that got me to do that, which was the fear of telling someone no. I like feeling fear today so that I can face it and it makes me feel strong. However, sometimes my brain goes down the wrong road. “You always avoided your fears, deep down you are a coward, it doesn’t matter what is happening today because most of your life you were different…you were a coward. Some day you will fall back into what you know you are.” But then I countered this thought. The fact that I was so cowardly as to not try to face my fears for most of my life, makes it much more courageous to fight today. That makes me a stronger version of myself than I could be if I am known for being afraid and facing my fears. This is me, a girl who has avoided her fears her whole life and is now facing them. If you have this problem as well, just think about how much courage it takes for your whole life to revolve around avoiding your fears like nature intended you to do it. Then…you decide to face them. You will not turn back to cowardice. Because fighting when you are used to giving in is a special kind of strength. A strength that will help you overcome your demons and a strength that will help you fight so that you don’t return to hiding from your fears.


8 thoughts on “The more cowardly you are, the more potential you have to be the strongest

  1. I can relate to this. I have had some big fears in my life. Sometimes you just gotta face them head on!

    The roller coaster thing, however… I prefer to keep my stomach where it belongs!

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  2. I’m reminded of a rough quote from one of my favorite book series (known by many as HBO’s Game of Thrones): it goes something like, “How can a man be brave in the face of such fear?” In response, “In the face of fear is the only time a man can be brave.” The fact that you like facing fear because you can tell yourself you CAN face it is super admirable. I hope to reach your level of courage one day. Thanks for this post.

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