Something more productive than being envious

Looking at someone and wanting to be them will not change who you are. You are born yourself for a reason. And you cannot change this. You can change how people view you, by acting differently, but it will only make you appear different to others, but you never will be anything but your amazing self. Pretending to be something you are not is exhausting (I should know as I spent years and years doing this) and it is a complete waste of time. I beg of you to never get into this pattern or to fall out of it immediately. You might have been changing yourself for years in order for others acceptance and then, when the day comes and you are finally willing to accept yourself the way you are, you have no idea who that is. Compliments toward your fake personality mean nothing, because it’s not who you really are. People can help you love yourself. They compliment you on things you cannot notice in your true self. But in order for others to help you love your personality, you must be yourself. I am at this point of trying to find myself in order to be able to find the beauty in myself. I have changed myself and pretended to be something I’m not way too much. So instead of looking at someone and thinking about how much you want to be them, look at someone who is just like the real you, and find the beauty in them. Look at people and don’t envy them, find your beauty in someone just like you. Let them show you how amazing you are instead of being trapped in self-loathing that is brought on by comparison and envy.


4 thoughts on “Something more productive than being envious

  1. Very true! I was so guilty of this for a very long time. It was like wearing a “chicken suit”, as one of my girlfriends likes to put it. My former therapist likes to say, “Be you authentic self.”

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