Unhealthy labels are also the false ones

Lets say you want to be something you’re not. Then you pretend to be this type of person in an instant when it will be forced, and not natural. You notice yourself pretending to be someone else and then someone calls you out on it. They say, “Do you like to read?” (Or something along those lines). You want to seem smart and you want to say you love to read but you are just forcing yourself to read the book you have in your hands. Once this question has been asked, you need to say with confidence that you really don’t like to read, if that is the truth for you. Everything has the power to be good if you make it. Some people go around reading all the time, and some people are perfectly happy without reading a book at all. This is evidence that beauty is in everything you can be. I was thinking about this yesterday. Again, I know nothing about my true self since I get insecure and change myself all the time. I am constantly looking for who I am so I can grow to like myself now that I have the skills to do so. This confidence, though, is hidden under changing myself. So, yesterday I acted in a way that I just wanted to act like. Now, this may be the real me, I’m not sure, as I have lost a large portion of myself from my insecurities. However, I realized that if someone asked me if I was truly being myself in that moment yesterday, I would say with confidence, “no.” I would say no like it is perfectly okay to not have this personality. This will rub off on others. “Do you like to read?” “No.” Said with a smile. However, sometimes when someone seems proud of their personality, I feel I should be like them, because it is obviously the best thing to do, since they seem to be okay with themselves. This is when you also let people know that you’re okay with not having a love for books, but you can see why others would love it. Love needs to be spread. It needs to be spread in this way. If you are confidence or act confidence, please spread this confidence to pieces of others that are the opposite of you. Most people who are confident in themselves, I’m sure aren’t speaking of their confidence to put down people who are not like them, but people like me are susceptible to self-loathing and can take so much and turn it into a way to hate ourselves. So lets spread the love by being confident in ourselves for whatever we are, and spread the love to personalities of whatever everyone else is. I do understand this post is all over the place and I had a little trouble with the examples so I hope it’s not too confusing! But if it is, hey, that’s perfectly okay.


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