Christmas miracle 

Sometimes I isolate myself from feeling irrelevant. When people don’t reach out to me I feel worthless but maybe they feel the same because I don’t reach out to them. I don’t reach out because I want proof that I am worthy and I wait for others first. However, yesterday I reached out to someone I haven’t talked to in awhile. She said that my text made her smile. If you reach out to someone first, you don’t need to wait to prove yourself relevant. You made that persons day for making them feel happy and missed and wanted. If you didn’t, that moment of happiness would never exist. If you are upset at not being spoken to, tell those people how much they mean to you. You will make a difference doing that. When I did that yesterday I had this happiness returned to me. I told someone I missed them on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas Day my mom came home from visiting her family. (I was with my dads family this year so I didn’t go with her.) she said that everyone said hi but that my little second cousin specifically came up to her and told her to tell me he said hi. I was able to feel just then how I made someone feel yesterday. My heart soared at this little gesture. I felt my relevance from last night in this instant. It’s amazing to be able to feel your relevance.


6 thoughts on “Christmas miracle 

  1. It’s so easy for me to shut myself in a corner, isolated, and tell myself that if I don’t approach anybody I can’t get hurt. Ironically enough, I still end up feeling depressed because of the same reason you do – through my avoidance I make myself feel like I’m just not worth being reached out to. It really is amazing to “feel your relevance” as you say, because we are ALL worth something – it just isn’t always easy to remember. I’m so happy that you found this moment of happiness this Christmas, because I know they can be hard to come by sometimes.

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  2. It is the little things isn’t it? I relate to the need to feel relevant, and the joy of feeling relevant.

    I’ve been struggling with this a lot this holiday. Feeling a shamed I’m not “doing more” or something. When I think about it, it’s a standard way to feel on holiday. I get pretty antsy pretty quickly. Just know you are relevant! Whether people acknowledge it or not. That’s something I need to tell myself.

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