Love yourself when you know then answer and when you don’t.

I have been studying so much the past few months. Studying anything and everything. This is because, for awhile, I have been convinced I am unintelligent (this definition meaning: without a lot of knowledge learned in the past. It doesn’t mean: stupid and never able to learn anything.) I used to be obsessed with being smart but I thought you were born smart, instead of studying to give yourself knowledge. In order to get rid of that thought I had of myself, I began studying. I am in college so I made a commitment to work harder on that, but I’m also learning a bunch of other things unrelated to the things I’m studying in school. I do actually enjoy learning now, so I’m not going to stop. I do wish though, that the other piece of motivation I have for learning wouldn’t be there anymore, which is, I want to learn so I’m not stupid anymore. Well I have found some gif’s of people acting in a way that others might consider, “Stupid,” and I’m going to tell you the beauty I found in them. giphy-14.gif This makes me okay with people thinking I’m unintelligent. She isn’t looking insecure. She is staying strong among her flaws. She is still happy and as long as I don’t beat myself up at getting the answer wrong on the test, I can love myself like I love this moment. If you did something you consider to be not intelligent, then be okay with it. Find the beauty in it and once you are able to find it, your eyes will glow at anything you do, because you are at peace with yourself. But before I end this, I thought I would share the way my brain looks at an opposite personality when it’s telling me mine isn’t good enough. I am showing this to show others who are not like me, that they are beautiful as well. Also, now that I am gaining intelligence, I will need to love myself in this way, too.270288160-michelle_obama2.png Michelle Obama is so motivating and kind with her words. So you can be strong and embrace who you are even with that wrong answer on your test because being happy whilst doing something others may be scared to do, shows strength. You can also love yourself if you got the question right. If you are just like Michelle Obama, you can be inspiring and beautiful and happy.


2 thoughts on “Love yourself when you know then answer and when you don’t.

  1. Ha! I’m literally going through random blog posts of people I follow right after I responded to your comment I my success post, and ironically enough I come across this post of yours which I hadn’t read yet, and see that success quote by Michelle Obama! Amen, sister.

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