Aspire to be a piece of every Once upon a time character.

Disclaimer: I’m only on the beginning of season three so this post only has characters mostly from the first two seasons. giphy-17 This clip of Belle makes me okay with not being brave in the past, but now being able to be brave. Looking at this, I don’t have to be ashamed. I can look at the people who always thought of me as pathetic and scared while I do something brave for once and just say, “Well, I’m finally brave. I’ve always wanted to be this way.” When you grow up hiding from your fears, it is true that we always wanted to be brave. I hated being scared of public speaking the most, and I always wanted to be brave enough to do it. giphy-18.gif <-Seeing a piece of my own personality on someone else makes me okay with myself. My face turned bright red at a naive mistake a few weeks ago, watching someone else do it (Tinkerbell) makes me okay with myself because when we look at ourselves it is easy to hate. Then when we look at others it is easy to love.

I would love to be as strong as Emma Swan. giphy-21.gif<- if you can see this, here she is slaying the dragon showing me another vision of courage.

I would love to be perfectly in the middle of strong and sweet like Mary Margaret (Snow White).

Seeing Ariel made me love the way people say I smile all the time and my childlike nature, which I have been extremely insecure about lately. Again, it’s easier to love people while it’s so easy to hate ourselves. giphy-19

I would love to actually be funny with Regina’s sarcastic humor. giphy-20.gif

If I was August, I could love myself for being a writer.

And then if I was Grumpy (aka leroy) I could love myself because I prove people wrong even though my name is Grumpy. I would love that I really am gentle and have a fantastic sense of humor. 065332684d3c64c6b262441123353f36.jpg

Image: Pinterest.

These are pieces of my heart to pieces of every character (Or at least the ones I have for now). What would you love if you were each character?


2 thoughts on “Aspire to be a piece of every Once upon a time character.

  1. Honestly have never seen a single episode of the show, but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s great that you can look at characters you admire and see a piece of yourself that you like in them.

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