How to age gracefully

Look at someone who has aged gracefully. I don’t mean look at someone who doesn’t have wrinkles or an older person who looks young. What I mean is look how they handle themselves. When I was 12 I didn’t want to turn 13. I didn’t want to grow up. When I was 17, I hated the fact that I had to turn 18. When I turned 18 it seemed that time began to go so much faster. A year passed the fastest it had ever gone. Years after that I was mindful of time…the days, the months, trying to make myself believe that time wasn’t going that fast, and that I wasn’t aging. Then tonight I went to an event and there was an older woman there. The way she dresses and held her grey hair literally made me want my hair to start greying right now. I’m completely serious. I have been looking at how Meryl Streep ages gracefully lately and that has helped me as well. Just the sheer thought of aging gracefully or finding the beauty in aging with grace was enough to change my thoughts around on getting old. This changing your perspective thing is really something, because it got me to change my mind about a fear I’ve had for so long. But this woman, she had long grey hair that was tied into a low bun and she had a long black coat on. Instantly, I saw her elegance. I saw my future and I was completely okay with that. If you have trouble with growing up, look at age upon someone else…and you will be okay. It may take awhile to find it but once you find the correct person, like a soul mate to loving yourself, you will find the beauty in aging.


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